Female rugby player slams sexist remarks at university dinner including one aimed at Scottish Rugby's female boss

Dee Bradbury is the president of Scottish Rugby Union (World Rugby)
14:19pm, Thu 21 Nov 2019
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A university rugby president has stepped down following a dinner marred by sexist jokes including one aimed at Scottish Rugby's female boss.

Dr Bobby Low, a retired obstetrician, and affectionately referred to as Glasgow's favourite baby doctor, is accused at one point of referring to SRU chief Dee Bradbury 'keeping her clothes on'.

Former Scottish international Roger Baird, another guest speaker at the University of Glasgow dinner, has also been condemned for his remarks.

Emma Little, a student who plays for the women's rugby team, took to Facebook to slam the comments made by both men.

Emma Little slammed people at the dinner who made sexist comments (Facebook: Emma Little)

Little said: “The comments made both during speeches and to individual members of the club were utterly unacceptable.

“The majority of the room were openly disgusted. I refused to support or celebrate Bobby Low — a man who thinks it is acceptable to introduce the president of the SRU by assuring us that she is going to keep her clothes on. 

“The gynaecologist/obstetrician also thinks it’s fine two women have a baby but it’s a shame it’s always the ugly one, and who wouldn’t mind being OUR president because he finds us physically attractive.

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“I also refuse to ignore the fact that the keynote speaker, Roger Baird, identified our president by name for the sole purpose of implying that she had been made to get naked and I presume have physical relations with the aforementioned Bobby Low.

“He proceeded to complete a speech littered with sexist and racist remarks.

“When asked to defend his choice of content he chalked it up to locker room chat and generational differences. This has never been an excuse.”

The university's rugby teams have apologised after guests at the dinner complained about the remarks. Both the women's and the men's sides gave an 'unreserved apology' about the language used at the dinner held to celebrate 150 years of the men's team.

Dr Bobby Low has denied the allegations he was sexist at a university dinner (PA Images)

Dr Low has denied the allegations but has confirmed that he has stepped down from the role he held for aorund 50 years.

He said: “I was very surprised to hear about this, knowing my views on women. I love you lot, I couldn’t look after men.

“My business is women so I wouldn’t set out to offend any of them. Maybe people were on the drink but I was sober that night, I wasn’t drinking. 

“I think it was some of the university girls that were wanting to make an issue of it. As far as I was aware it was a fun night, that’s the kind of evening it was.

“I resigned from the club because I just thought it was easier, I couldn’t be bothered with it. I’m not sad, I was there 50 years. It is a world record."