Former US footballer Stephanie McCaffrey wants to buy a women's soccer team

Stephanie McCaffrey has bigger dreams off the soccer field (PA Images)
13:13pm, Wed 22 Jan 2020
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Former US footballer Stephanie McCaffrey has confirmed that she would like to buy a women's soccer team one day.

The 26 year-old was forced to retire after being diagnosed with a rare neurological illness in 2018. 

She has now enrolled on Wharton's MBA business programme at the University of Pennsylvania.

McCaffrey played for Boston Breakers and Chicago Red Stars between 2015-2018, making 51 appearances from her time in the NWSL. 

After retiring, her plan was to sit out of the game for several years and then return but that didn't work out due to her illness. 

She said: "The pain and the symptoms were so severe, I couldn’t fathom taking the risk of putting my body through that again. 

"So I think I’m doing the next most fun thing, and that’s kind of how I made the decision."

Stephanie McCaffrey has earned six caps for her country (PA Images)

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On her new career path moving to Wharton she added: "I came here so I can go into private equity and buy a women’s soccer team of my own."

She believes there is no 'true equality' between men and women without 'financial equality'.

"So I’m pretty shameless and unabashed about the fact that I want to go make as much money as I possibly can."