White rhino born at Disney World

A baby white rhino
A baby white rhino
17:34pm, Mon 26 Oct 2020
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A 150-pound white rhinoceros was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World in Florida over the weekend.

The as-yet-named rhino was born to Kendi, who was the first white rhinoceros born at the animal theme park back in 1999.

Both mother and son are doing well under the care of their keepers, Disney said.

In the upcoming weeks, the newborn rhino will be introduced to his crash on the theme park’s savanna.

A baby rhino and mother

White rhinos are the second-largest land mammal and are an endangered species with a near-threatened status.

The newborn’s birth on Sunday was a successful product of the Species Survival Plans overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to ensure the responsible breeding of endangered species.

Disney says it was the 11th white rhino born at Disney World, and two more are on the way.

The theme park resort’s animal care team is keeping a watch on two other rhinos expected to give birth next year.

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