WWE star Sasha Banks wants to feature on WrestleMania's 36 pre-show as 'I'll make the same money and I get to have my beauty sleep'

Sasha Banks (left) isn't fussed about the main card (PA Images)
Sasha Banks (left) isn't fussed about the main card (PA Images)
10:47am, Sat 08 Feb 2020
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WWE star Sasha Banks has revealed that she would rather feature on WrestleMania's 36 pre-show instead of the main card.

Banks, 28, believes that being on the pre-show would earn her the same 'amount of money' and it would mean she could 'get out of there' due to the long working days.

She is the NXT and Raw Women's Champion and the WWE Women's Tag Team Champion.

Many fans are expecting to see Banks challenge the current SmackDown women's champion Bayley on the Grandset Stage, but Banks is planning on just being by her side.

Speaking on Corey Graves' After the Bell podcast, she said: "My sights are to wear the most bomb outfit right next to my best friend’s side as she defends her title against some loser.

"You know WrestleMania is so long. If anything, I would hope that we were on the pre-show just so I can get it done and over with.

"I’ll probably still be making the same amount of money...that’s what it’s all about.

"It’s a long long day, we’re probably there from 8am till 2am in the morning. So I just got to go. I got to get my beauty sleep.

"I want to make the most money, I want to be on the pre-show so I can get out of there."

Banks is currently sidelined with an ankle injury. 

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