What are we going to do with women's football, asks shadow sports minister?

The Women's Super League was terminated on May 25, but the Premier League restarts in two weeks
The Women's Super League was terminated on May 25, but the Premier League restarts in two weeks (PA)
15:39pm, Mon 01 Jun 2020
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The shadow sports minister has issued a stark warning about the challenges facing the future of women’s football.

Alison McGovern has asked both the FA and Premier League clubs to outline their visions for the future of the women’s game in the light of the Women’s Super League and  Championship seasons being terminated last week, while the Premier League resumes in two weeks.

But McGovern wants to make sure that the gender progression already made in the sport 'is not laid to waste'.

She said: "What steps are the Football Association taking to ensure that this gender and sporting progress is not laid to waste and how can women's football take advantage of the millions of people round the country who want to watch sport during this difficult time?

“We cannot let the crisis become a question of the sport's existence for women and girls across the country. It must now ensure it maximises the opportunities of the next season for participation in sport.”

The Labour MP for Wirral South told The Guardian: "To bin women’s football this season without a broader plan to protect the gains we have made recently is a huge mistake.

“People will now start to worry about next season. We need to hear urgently from the FA and from Premier League clubs what their intentions are: will women continue to pay the price for a ban 99 years ago, that still overshadows women in football today? Or is there a road to equality? Women players and supporters deserve answers.”

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