Transgender ice hockey team say 'on the ice your gender means nothing'

The ice hockey team are the only all-trans team in the US (Instagram: Team Trans Ice Hockey)
17:26pm, Thu 19 Dec 2019
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An all-transgender ice hockey team have said that when they are on the ice their 'gender and sexuality mean nothing.'

The side were set up last month and are thought to be the only team in America whose players are all transgender. They play as a mixed team that is made up of men and women.

The team played and lost two games in an LGBT tournament in Massachusetts where they played against mixed teams.

Team Trans has players from across America and so some players met each other for the first time on game day. 

Heather Lynn, 28, told BBC's Newsbeat: "It was probably the most fun I've ever had playing hockey. We're all just people out there on the ice."

Team mate Alex Febve said: "It didn't matter that we'd met that day. We were a team because we had that one thing connecting us all."

Team Trans at the recent LGBT tournament in America (Instagram: Team Trans Ice Hockey)

There has been uproar surrounding transgender athletes, particularly female transgender athletes playing women's sport. Febve says that the only advantage transgender women have is being given better sports training as a child.

She said: "As far as training goes, the quality is often better for young male athletes than for young female athletes.

"I feel like if you're a trans woman, any advantage you have is because you had that advantage as a child."

26-year-old Harrison Brown, who also plays for Team Trans, agrees with Febve.

She said: "The majority of the arguments I hear is that they're bigger or they're taller, which is not always the case. Just because someone was born male does not necessarily mean they will excel at sport."

However, Lynn disagreed with her fellow team mate's perspective. She said: "I don't think too many people are denying that we could potentially have an advantage.

"If you're born male, you might have some advantages, we're going to be a little bit bigger, probably a little bit stronger."

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