Speed skater Elise Christie says decision to open pubs before indoor sports facilities is ‘backwards'

Christie has said opening pubs before indoor sports facilities a 'backwards' decision - (Copyright PA)
11:12am, Mon 29 Jun 2020
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Short track speed skater Elise Christie has said the Government’s decision to open pubs before indoor sports facilities is ‘backwards’.

While pubs can re-open on July 4, there is no date for when indoor sports venues will be able to open their doors.

Christie told BBC Scotland: "Drinking is not a priority. It might be to the economy but why is that Britain's priority? There are so many people in Britain that love sport, that love working out.

"It is really good for mental health - drinking isn't. Drinking is not good for mental health at all, it just seems so backwards to me in so many ways. 

"If you can open a pub, where people are going to be drinking and are more likely to break social distancing rules, get rowdy and touch each other and whatever else, then I don't understand how you can't open a sports facility."

Christie is aiming to compete in the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022 and she has said she’s worried about the mental health of athletes who will be scrutinised for their performances.

"When it gets to the Olympics again, what is going to happen is we are all going to be sat here scrutinising all the athletes again, and messing with their mental health.

"They are already stressed enough about the fact they can't train for their event that they have got to do."

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