Piers Morgan backs World Rugby’s decision to ban transgender women from the sport

Morgan has labelled transgender women in sport as ‘wrong'
Morgan has labelled transgender women in sport as ‘wrong' - (Copyright Zuma Press/PA Images)
15:19pm, Fri 16 Oct 2020
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Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan has publicly supported World Rugby’s decision to ban transgender women from the sport.

The governing body made the decision to exclude transgender women from elite and international rugby last week, citing it is based on ‘safety reasons’ and on ‘comprehensive, collaborative and inclusive review of existing guidelines’.

Morgan said on Twitter: "How can there even be a debate about transgender women playing women’s rugby?

“It’s so obviously wrong, unfair, unequal and dangerous to women born to smaller, less powerful female biological bodies. We all know this. Women will get seriously hurt if this insanity prevails.”

Many organisations have criticised the governing body for their decision, including LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall who said they were ‘deeply disappointed’.

A previous report by World Rugby suggested there was 'a 20-30 percent greater risk’ to women being tackled by someone who had gone through male puberty.

Morgan’s support for the decision is not the first time he has spoken out against transgender women in women’s sport.

Earlier this year he said transgender athletes were a ‘direct threat’ to women’s sport.

He tweeted in February: "Trans athletes born with male biological bodies are a direct threat to the ability to fairly compete of women athletes born with biologically female bodies.

"Trans rights, which I totally respect, must not damage women’s rights to fairness & equality."

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