Former Wales rugby player Caryl James says new coaching position is ‘too much’ for one person

James says the new role is 'too much' for one person
James says the new role is 'too much' for one person - (Copyright EMPICS Sport)
14:27pm, Sun 05 Jul 2020
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Former Wales rugby wing Caryl James has said the new coaching role announced this week is ’too much’ for one person to do.

Wales Rugby Union said they are on the lookout for a new head coach for the side after Rowland Phillips officially left the position in March. Whoever takes the job on will also be the coach for Wales’ Sevens side.

She told BBC Radio Cymru: "I had a massive shock to see the job description. It's a job for three or four people. I don't know who in the world can perform all these duties."

She said the job is a lot of responsibility as the two games are so different.

"It's too much responsibility for one person, and you'll be halving the pool of coaches you can select from by asking for someone who can do both roles.

"Both games are totally different. We have 15-a-side experts and seven-a-side experts, so I think that will halve the number of coaches that will apply.

"Who can do both roles to the standard they have advertised for?"

The governing body said when they announced the job role they were doing so to ‘close the gap’ between them and other nations.

In the Six Nations tournament at the start of the year, Wales lost all the games they played, including a heavy 66-7 defeat to England.

Their match against France was postponed as a result of the coronavirus.

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