Tracey Neville says she was scared to do exercise as a new mother

Neville became a new mother two days before the UK went into lockdown
Neville became a new mother two days before the UK went into lockdown (PA)
13:59pm, Mon 28 Sep 2020
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Former England netball head coach Tracey Neville says she was ‘scared to exercise’ after becoming a mother in March.

And to help out new mothers in a similar situation she has launched Baby to Baller, a free six week course using netball skills to help women get active after childbirth.

Neville told The Telegraph: “I was actually scared to do exercise. Sometimes when I did a HIIT session and Nev was crying, I had to stop and it felt like I failed. Then I thought there was no point doing those 20 minutes, because I was never going to get it done.

“I’m six months out from having a baby, I’ve not got the perfect body, but I just want to be active. It’s not just about getting back into shape as quick as you can – it’s about everything that comes with that.”

She had a caesarean and was told not to do anything for six weeks and says this is what she struggled with most.

She added: “I had a midwife and a health visitor – the NHS were unbelievable – but I didn’t leave with a plan, I just got told I couldn’t do anything for six weeks.

“We never ever say to our athletes, ‘You don’t do anything for six weeks’. There’s always something light they can do.”

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