‘I sometimes think I’m used for an event because I’m a black face’ - Natasha Jonas speaks out on racism ahead of Terri Harper showdown at Fight Camp

Jonas will fight for her first professional world title on Friday night
Jonas will fight for her first professional world title on Friday night - (Copyright PA)
9:04am, Fri 07 Aug 2020
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World title challenger Natasha Jonas has opened up about how racism in society has affected her during her career ahead of her showdown with Terri Harper.

The 36 year-old, who is the sister of England and Lyon footballer Nikita Parris, will headline Eddie Hearn’s second ‘Fight Camp’ event in the first ever all-British women’s world title fight on Friday night.

Harper (left) and Jonas will make history in Essex on Friday night - (Copyright Twitter: @MatchroomBoxing)

But while Jonas remains fully focused on the task at hand, she has also used her platform this week to speak about the serious issue regarding racism in society and why she has chosen to be vocal about it.

"I had to speak out on it, being a black person, but it should be something that every single person regardless of their race should speak out on," she told Sky Sports.

"I'm not gay, but I make a point of going to the Pride events that take place because I feel it's my duty to do what's right and not to discriminate against someone.

"I've experienced racism growing up and even now I sometimes think to myself if I'm being used for certain events just because I'm a black face.

"I'm preparing my daughter for this world the same was my mum prepared me and the way my nan prepared her. It's wrong that I have to do that, but this is the world that we live in at the moment so I'm always going to speak out if I believe I can help change it."

Jonas is the underdog heading into her clash with Harper having been beaten for the first time as a professional back in 2018.

But since then she has bounced back with three victories, the last two of which have come via knockout.

And the Liverpudlian could not be more confident heading into the biggest fight of her life on Friday.

"It'll mean so much to me to become world champion and I can honestly say that this has been the best camp of my career, and everything with Joe (Gallagher) has gone to plan so well," she added.

Jonas arrived at Fight Camp on Tuesday afternoon - (Copyright Twitter: @MatchroomBoxing)

"My sparring has been great, I've prepared for 10 hard rounds, and I've made sure I'm the fittest I've ever been.

"One thing I'll say about Terri is that she's a very fit fighter with a good work-rate and I know they're banking on me not being as fit as her. They're in for a massive shock.

"I've done all the hard work and I just want the fight to be here now so I can become the new world champion."

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