'I don't see myself as any different from the man next door,' says horse trainer Amy Murphy

Amy Murphy has already won a grade one race at Aintree (Horse Racing Hub)
14:34pm, Sun 08 Mar 2020
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The youngest female horse trainer to get a professional licence says International Women's Day doesn't mean much to her.

Amy Murphy was speaking at the launch of the Just Jockeys campaign which aims to get female jockeys to be referred to simply as jockeys.

She sees herself as an equal to men and so while she believes IWD is 'great', she doesn't have a personal connection with it.

"I think for me it doesn't mean a lot because you spend your life trying to be on a level playing field. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great day but I don't see myself as any different from the man next door to me.

"The mentality I have, if someone puts me down or challenges me, it just makes me want to go and prove them wrong and I'd say that's the mental strength of most trainers and jockeys.

"I wouldn't go into a race thinking 'oh I can't do this', I'd go in and prove that I can do it. I think for me it's proving that you can do it rather than accepting that someone thinks you're different because you're a female." 

Southwell is hosting an all-female racecard today to celebrate International Women's Day.

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