US soccer stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger discuss being teammates and the importance for an LGBTQ couple

Ashlyn Harris (left) and Ali Krieger (right) share what is it like to work with your wife (PA Images)
Ashlyn Harris (left) and Ali Krieger (right) share what is it like to work with your wife (PA Images)
16:36pm, Mon 03 Feb 2020
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US soccer stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger have opened up about what it's like to be teammates and how it is important for them to show 'visibility' for the LGBTQ community.

The World Cup-winning duo married last month, but insist working a living together has not phased them.

Defender Harris, 34, said: "For me, that really doesn’t play a factor at all. I see these people more than I see my family so the connection is there. The communication just has to be precise and there can’t be any situations where it leaves people unsure of what I’m doing so they don’t know what to do."

Speaking about increasing visibility in the game within the LGBTQ community, Krieger added: "I think what it all boils down to is if you have a special gift to move people, whether it’s what you do on the field or off, you use that gift.

"You know we’re here, and my focus is my job. When I’m here and then at home obviously things are different. But we’re in the workplace and we have a really great balance, work-life balance, I think we’ve developed that over the years. 

"But I think it is important that we are visible, especially in this space, and for you guys to just ask normally is really refreshing too, because it’s like any other couple. We’re just two people who really love each other and care about each other and are sharing our life together. 

"We just so happen to be in the same workspace and play on the same team, and we’re able to separate that and be professional here, and that’s what we care about most."

The pair recently landed their first beauty deal with Bumble and Bumble which celebrates 'individuality and self-expression' through hair.

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