Two thirds of women in football have faced discrimination but only 12 per cent have reported it, says survey

Women in football are still facing significant challenges in the sport
Women in football are still facing significant challenges in the sport - (Copyright PA)
13:34pm, Thu 08 Oct 2020
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Two thirds of women working in football have been subjected to discrimination, a new survey has revealed.

The report by Women in Football also confirms that of that 66 per cent, just 12 per cent actually reported what they had experienced.

More than half of women in football have been subjected to or heard mis-used ‘banter’ in the workplace - (Copyright PA)

And those who did report discrimination said their claims were ‘brushed under the carpet’.

"One story of bias, outdated perceptions and outright bullying is one too many," Chair of Women in Football Ebru Koksal told The Telegraph.

"There is still a lot of work to do to ensure that women are encouraged to forge careers in the industry and this is where WiF will continue to play a big part."

Promotions for women in the workplace were another major area of concern, with 82 per cent insisting they had faced barriers to moving up in their respective fields.

However, on the positive side, 78 per cent of women in the survey felt their colleagues were supportive of them and nearly 60 per cent said they believe their company/organisation celebrated female talent.

On Thursday, Women in Football announced they are preparing to launch a new corporate membership scheme which will help employers to improve their gender inclusivity.

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