Lucy Bronze says it’s not enough to simply post on social media about Black Lives Matter - ‘people need to education themselves'

Bronze has educated herself on the BLM movement
Bronze has educated herself on the BLM movement (Maxppp/PA Images)
10:51am, Sat 04 Jul 2020
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England and Lyon right back Lucy Bronze says it is not enough to simply share posts on social media about the Black Lives Matter movement - ‘people need to educate themselves’.

She was speaking on The Beautiful Game Podcast about being a part of Raheem Sterling’s #TimeForChange campaign about BLM. Bronze said she looked into it before getting involved.

"I think it’s got to be everyone. I know it’s not really the same comparison, but I feel like [it’s] the same with sexism: it can’t just be women fighting for women. We need men and women to fight for women. I think it’s the same thing.

“The more I looked into it and educated myself, I think that is the way forward. When there’s campaigns, I’m saying if someone wants to support a campaign, especially the Black Lives Matter movement, you need to educate yourself to be able to support that campaign. You can’t just put it on your Twitter, put it on your Instagram.

“I took a few days to really go and look at everything, to make sure I understood what was going on, to make sure I was behind it so if someone asked me what it’s about, I’ve got all of that information to fight for it as well."

She also emphasised the importance of educating children about the movement.

"You’ve got to educate people when they’re young. You look at the videos of little kids: kids don’t see differences at all, and I think that’s where it starts from. 

"If you start it with the kids, and they grow up, see the world and everyone’s equal, they’re going to pass that down and pass that down.”  

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