Football agent Saif Rubie fined and banned by FA due to offensive tweet about England women's football team

Saif Rubie wrote inappropriate tweets about England Women's football team and Adam Johnson (Instagram: Saif Rubie)
Saif Rubie wrote inappropriate tweets about England Women's football team and Adam Johnson (Instagram: Saif Rubie)
13:48pm, Tue 10 Dec 2019
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Football agent Saif Rubie has been banned for five weeks and fined £10,000 by the FA after he posted 'improper' comments on Twitter about the England Women's football team.

Rubie also posted inappropriately about disgraced footballer Adam Johnson.

The tweet regarding the Lionesses was aimed at former Swansea and Brighton player Leon Knight after the women lost to the US in the World Cup this summer.

Rubie tweeted: “@knightie82 DON’T WORRY LADS THEY’RE COMING HOME” alongside a picture of a sink full of dirty dishes.

The agent claimed that the tweet related to a conversation he had with Knight about his cleaner not turning up but the commission found the charge proved, saying in its report: “This was because of the nature of the tweets – in particular one being aggravated by implied reference to gender – and the fact that Saif Rubie has previously been warned about a comment he posted."

The other tweet related to Johnson, the former England player who was convicted of sexual activity with a child and sentenced to six years in prison in 2016 before being released in March.

Rubie posted: “I think it is an utter disgrace that Adam Johnson got time in the first place. Who hasn’t made a mistake similar to his?” accompanied with cry laughing emoji's. The agent denied the charge and said he was joking

Rubie will not be allowed to partake in any 'intermediary activities' until January 15 after breaching the FA’s rule E3. On top of this punishment the FA has said Rubie needs to complete an education programme about proper use of social media, with failure to do so leading to an extension of the ban.

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