Bigger crowds would be great for women's football, but not if it comes with the bad language you get at men's games, says Man United boss Stoney

Stoney became Manchester United manager back in June 2018 (PA Images)
Stoney became Manchester United manager back in June 2018 (PA Images)
17:11pm, Sat 11 Jan 2020
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Manchester United manager Casey Stoney wants bigger crowds at women's matches but not with the language and chanting heard in the men's game.

United's ground Leigh Sports Village is known in the Women's Super League as one of the more intimiidating, with booing being a regular occurrence. Stoney has said that people who are offended by the atmosphere are just 'sensitive'.

She said: "People get too sensitive because you’re calling someone a reject. It’s what they do in the men’s game and we want to transfer fans across. Now, don’t get me wrong, we don’t want foul and abusive language in our stands, because it’s a family game.

"But I think the little bits of light-heartedness, the songs between the teams - as long as they’re not negative towards a person or previous part of the club - great. We have a great atmosphere here. The fans sing non-stop. They sing at each other. Do we just want clapping every time someone passes the ball?" she told The Telegraph.

“I think we have a family atmosphere. I wouldn’t take my kids to some men’s games - not a chance, because the language and the feeling on the terraces sometimes isn’t great. Not at all grounds, but some I just wouldn’t take them. Some of the language that I’ve experienced when I’ve been in the terraces I personally wouldn’t want my kids to hear.

“When they’re 12, 13, 14, they’ll probably be hearing it in school anyway, so it’s up to them to make their choices. We want an atmosphere, but we don’t want to discourage families from coming. It’s a bit of a balance.

We don’t need to copy everything from the men’s game. We need to make sure that we keep doing what we’re doing to keep the women’s game honest, to keep it pure, to make sure that fans keep wanting to come back.”

Man Utd play at Liverpool tomorrow with a kick off time of midday.

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