Spurs legend Clive Allen talks of having coronavirus and his concerns for 'vulnerable' wife

Allen has revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 a couple of weeks ago (PA Images)
20:11pm, Wed 25 Mar 2020
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Tottenham legend Clive Allen has revealed he has tested positive for coronavirus.

The 58 year-old, who tested positive in early March, has stayed in his house ever since finding out.

And Allen today discussed the symptoms he experienced before becoming aware that he was carrying COVID-19.

Speaking to talkSPORT, he said: “I just had the classic symptoms; high temperature, shivery and felt as if I had a bout of the flu. Over two or three days it took hold and I felt unwell for five days, one day particularly so. I had quite a nasty headache which I never get. It was vice-like around my head.

“After I began to feel better, I had a dry cough for about three days. Because there was information about the illness I called 111 and they said they’d call me back within two or three days, which they did.

“They came three or four days later and tested me at my house. Health England arranged it and the lady came and swabbed my nose and my mouth."

Allen then received news of the positive test five days later on March 9 and has been self-isolating ever since.

But while he has dealt with the illness for more than two weeks now, he remains worried because of the health problems his wife has and the fact she is in constant contact with him.

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“I am scared, absolutely. I would like to think I am reasonably healthy and I know how I felt. I hate to think how that would feel to somebody who is vulnerable," he added.

“The problem I had is that my wife has respiratory problems so my concern was for her and she is unwell at the moment. Hopefully she does not get any worse but that was my immediate fear and that has happened.

“She now I think has it, although we have spoken to 111 and they have said she has to treat the symptoms the same as everyone else.”