UFC president White reveals hilarious ‘fight poster’ of Trump and Biden as US election hangs in balance

White showed off his latest fight poster-style face-off on Tuesday night
White showed off his latest fight poster-style face-off on Tuesday night (Twitter: @danawhite)
8:00am, Wed 04 Nov 2020
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UFC president Dana White took to social media on Wednesday night to post a fight poster-style mock up of Donald Trump and Joe Biden ahead of their US election battle.

As America continues to wait on a definitive election result in one of the closest races in years, Twitter has been enjoying the image shared by the MMA chief.

Alongside the humorous face-off photo, he said: "The big fight TODAY!!!!! @realDonaldTrump vs #joebiden who you got? #merica Flag of United States Flag of United States."

White considers himself a friend of President Trump (Twitter: @paolo_240)

White has been a supporter of President Trump for several years and spoke at the Republican National Convention back in August.

He also donated $1 million to America First Action, a Super Pac which is recognised as pro-Trump.

Speaking previously about Trump, he said: "Let me tell you three things that I respect about this man. First, Donald has great business instincts. He supports businesses of all sizes. He’ll make it possible for them to grow and succeed, which is the backbone of a strong economy.

"Second, Donald is a hard worker. This guy is going to get up there, he’s going to roll up his sleeves. He will work with people and he will put in the time to get things done.

"Third, for over 15 years, Donald Trump has been a loyal and supportive friend, and I know that if I needed Donald, he would be there for me, just like he was when I first met him. He’s one of these guys that sometimes he’ll pick up the phone and call me and say ‘Hey, good luck with the fights tonight. I’m going to be watching,’ or whatever it is that we might have going on."

Trump recently held a press conference where he said he feels he has already won the election, a statement which is not true.

As votes continue to be counted, it is not yet known who has won but Trump has called on vote counting to be stopped.

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