Sky Sports forced to apologise after Graeme Souness labels Erik Lamela’s actions as ‘very Latin’

Souness' comments caused a backlash on social media from the likes of Spurs legend Ossie Ardiles
Souness' comments caused a backlash on social media from the likes of Spurs legend Ossie Ardiles - (Copyright PA)
15:58pm, Mon 05 Oct 2020
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Sky Sports were forced to apologise after Graeme Souness labelled Tottenham forward Erik Lamela’s actions ‘very Latin’ during a controversial sending off incident in yesterday’s incredible 6-1 win over Manchester United.

The Argentinian went down after an altercation with Anthony Martial which saw the Red Devils striker retaliating to a push by slapping Lamela gently in the face.

Martial was sent off after the incident with Lamela - (Copyright Zuma Press/PA Images)

Martial was sent off for violent conduct, but Lamela escaped punishment.

But during his analysis of the incident, Souness’ comments were judged by some to have been a xenophobic attack.

"He’s gone down, it’s pathetic. It’s very Latin. If one goes, both have to go, it’s pathetic," the ex-Liverpool manager and player said.

"Is that what the English Premier League is about? We, and when I say ‘we’ I mean the British, do it differently."

The comments sparked a reaction on social media from Argentinian Spurs legend Ossie Ardiles, who described the remark as ‘grossly unfair’.

On Twitter, the 68-year-old said: "I take exception to the ‘Latin’ comment of Graeme Souness about @ErikLamela  Stereotyping all Latin football players in this way is grossly unfair.

"It would be the same as saying that this so called tackle represents the ‘british’ way. Which is clearly doesn't."

Following the backlash Souness received, Sky’s presenter Dave Jones subsequently made an on-air apology before the end of their coverage.

He said: "Now I have to say before we go, earlier in the show we were critical of Erik Lamela's part in Anthony Martial's sending off in the Manchester United/Spurs game.

"We'd like to apologise for any offence that was caused and the stereotyping of the Latin culture."

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