Former world champion Bellew calls on government to avoid second lockdown as ‘people need help, not locking up’

Bellew has slammed those who want a second lockdown in Britain
Bellew has slammed those who want a second lockdown in Britain - (Copyright PA)
16:55pm, Mon 12 Oct 2020
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Former world champion boxer Tony Bellew has pleaded with the UK government to avoid a second lockdown ahead of their announcement later today.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to address the House of Commons on Monday as he outlines a three-tiered system for more stringent measures.

But while the number of cases of coronavirus continues to rise again in most parts of Britain, Bellew feels the impact of another lockdown on the public’s mental health would prove catastrophic.

Speaking on Twitter, he said: "If this 2nd lockdown does happen then your going to be looking at as many suicides as COVID deaths the way it’s going!

"People need help not locking up! If it didn’t work the first time why is going to work this time?? I don’t understand can someone with a brain explain to me please!"

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