Tottenham's Toby Alderweireld donates electronic tablets to coronavirus patients in hospitals

Toby Alderweireld is giving hospitalised patients electronic devices to keep in touch with their families (PA Images)
15:19pm, Mon 23 Mar 2020
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Tottenham defender Toby Alderweireld is to donate 'dozens' of electronic tablet devices to coronavirus patients in hospital in order to keep them in touch with friends and family.

The 31 year-old Belgian, who committed to remain at Spurs earlier in the 2019/20 season, hopes the electrical equipment will help those who are suffering to feel less alone and remain entertained while the football season is postponed.

In a video posted on Twitter her said: "This virus creates many needs, especially the lack of person contact.

“People that are sick can’t see their friends or family, so my plan is to buy dozens of tablets to give to hospitals and nursery homes, so people can video chat with their loved ones and friends, to get through this tough period. 

“In the next days and weeks, I’m trying to get those tablets to places where they can help."

He also urged others to follow his lead and help those in need wherever they can.

“I hope anyone that can spare, or give, or do something to help a little bit the people in need, to see family and friends, because it will help a lot," he said.

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The Spurs defender finished by saying: "We stay together strong.”