Curler Vicky Wright puts Olympic plans on ice to return to nursing

Vicky Wright returns to the NHS to battle against the outbreak (British Curling)
15:40pm, Mon 23 Mar 2020
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Scotland curler Vicky Wright has returned to her role as a nurse to help the fight against coronavirus. 

The 26 year-old was on a break from full-time nursing in order to train for the Olympics and was due to be competing  at the World Championships this month which have now been cancelled. 

The European silver medallist, who is part of Team Muirhead, will now go back to nursing on a part-time basis. 

She said: "The bigger picture was that helping out at home was more important just now."

It was when the team were training in Vancouver they started to realise the outbreak was changing all the time. 

Wright said: "We started seeing other big Canadian sporting events being cancelled and it became more evident then that ours probably wouldn’t go ahead.

"We could see how everything was quickly changing and we knew there were other much bigger priorities than sporting events which are now on the back burner.

"They have to take second place to what is happening just now and when I went into work last week at the hospital it really sank in."

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Vicky Wright will take time away from curling during the crisis (British Curling)

But despite usually being on the ice with her Scottish team-mates, Eve Muirhead, Lauren Gray, Jen Dodds and Sophie Brown, she will now be part of a bigger team. 

"Now it is time to make a difference in a different way and I will now play my part in a much bigger team," she added.