Whoopi Goldberg: ‘I don’t believe Trump had coronavirus'

Goldberg has said she feels ‘weird’ about Trump’s speedy recovery
Goldberg has said she feels ‘weird’ about Trump’s speedy recovery - (Copyright UPI/PA Images)
10:13am, Sat 17 Oct 2020
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US chat show host and actress Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t believe president Donald Trump had coronavirus.

She says she feels ‘weird’ about his speedy recovery.

Goldberg told The View: "You know what? The more he talks, the less I think he had it, personally. That's just me, that's just me.

"I'm starting to feel like, really? Because I just feel like...[Trump] is the only person on the face of the Earth ... and if you're comparing yourself to Jesus, you're saying five days, that's all it took.

"People still haven't been able to get out of the bed. So I don't know. I just feel weird about it."

Co-host Joy Behar added: “Me too! I'm starting to think that too, Whoopi."

Trump tested positive for Covid-19 on October 2 and was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center just a day later.

However, he returned to the White House and was back at work within three days of being admitted. 

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