From Piers Morgan to Billie Jean King: What is Twitter saying about the US election?

The outcome of the 2020 US election has not yet been determined after a close-fought battle overnight
The outcome of the 2020 US election has not yet been determined after a close-fought battle overnight (ABACA/PA Images)
13:43pm, Wed 04 Nov 2020
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On Tuesday, November 3 the identity of the next president of the United States was expected to be decided - would Donald Trump secure another four years or would Joe Biden succeed him?

Well, so far, neither has happened.

Although Trump has declared himself the winner of the election, votes are yet to be counted in a number of key states which could sway victory either way.

So what does the wonderful world of social media make of all this?

Here is just some of the reaction over the past 12 hours or so.

Biden has not stated he has won the election but insists he is on course to do so (DPA/PA Images)

Journalist and presenter Piers Morgan was, as ever, one of the first to give his opinion on Trump’s polarising speech.

He said: "President Trump has just launched an unprecedented assault on American democracy, demanding millions of Americans are denied their votes, & it’s an absolute disgrace."

Meanwhile Gary Lineker, who often opposes Morgan on a number of issues on Twitter, also weighed in on the election but in a more playful manner.

Comparing Trump’s premature celebrations to the footballing world, Leicester fan Lineker said: "So thrilled to tell you that Leicester City have won this season’s Premier League. No need to play the rest of the fixtures. Give them the trophy. Now.

He later added: "It’s definitely going to penalties."

Comedian Frankie Boyle joined in during the results, predicting a combative speech from the president before he had made his ‘fraudulent’ comments, saying: "Trump will have to do a speech soon and it will be like a f*****g Tarantino scene."

Adding to discussion, Radiohead singer Thom Yorke said: "I don’t want my kids inheriting a world run by flag waving facebook tin pot dictators, utterly bereft of moral authority, while they watch 200 mile winds pick up and blow their lives away like the Wizard of Oz, having internalized this force fed sense of powerlessness. just sayin."

Over in the US, singer John Legend posted his reaction to Trump’s ‘victory’ speech by simply writing: "This "speech" is just a random airing of grievances.  Happy Festivus."

But in amongst all the talk about Trump and Biden, legendary tennis star Billie Jean King decided to focus on Sarah McBride, who became the first openly transgender state senator after winning in Delaware overnight.

The 12-time Grand Slam singles champion said: "Sarah McBride⁩ has become the first openly transgender state senator in U.S. history, a terrific moment for all people, including the #LGBTQ community. #Trailblazer #Election2020."

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