WHO reports new daily high in global Covid-19 cases

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19:30pm, Fri 09 Oct 2020
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The World Health Organisation has announced a record in new daily coronavirus cases confirmed worldwide, with more than 350,000 reported to the UN health agency on Friday.

The new daily high surpasses a record set earlier this week by nearly 12,000 infections.

That tally includes more than 109,000 cases from Europe alone.

In a press briefing, WHO’s emergencies chief Dr Michael Ryan acknowledged that even as Covid-19 continues to surge across the world, “there are no new answers”.

He said that although the agency wants countries to avoid the punishing lockdowns that have devastated economies, governments must ensure the most vulnerable people are protected and that numerous measures must be taken.

“The majority of people in the world are still susceptible to this disease,” Dr Ryan warned.

He said countries should focus not just on restrictive measures, but on bolstering their surveillance systems, testing, contact tracing and ensuring populations are engaged.

As the virus continues to surge across Europe and elsewhere, he acknowledged that restrictive measures might be warranted at some point.

British scientists reported this week that the Covid-19 outbreak is doubling every few weeks, French hospitals are running out of ICU beds and Spain declared a state of emergency in Madrid as coronavirus cases soar.

Dr Ryan said lockdowns “may be unavoidable where the disease has got out of control again, but we shouldn’t accept that in every country, the return of cases should be seen with an immediate return of the need for lockdown restrictions”.

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