Woman taking legal action against Met Police after they told her to cover up anti-Boris T-shirt

The woman was told to cover her Boris top at the BLM protests
The woman was told to cover her Boris top at the BLM protests (PA)
9:27am, Tue 30 Jun 2020
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A woman is to take legal action against the Metropolitan Police after she was told to cover up an anti-Boris Johnson top she wore at a Black Lives Matter protest.

She told The Guardian the instruction infringed her right to freedom of speech and political debate. The police at the time told her she was in breach of the Public Order Act in wearing the top.

Flynn wearing the T-shirt in question (YouTube)

Actor Jessie-Lu Flynn wore a t-shirt which read ‘F**k Boris’ to the BLM demonstration and said she had worn the T-shirt to several other protests without being approached by the police.

Flynn attended the protests in London on June 3 and said she saw many banners and posters with the same slogan on them but there was no intervention by police.

She left the demonstration and walked down Oxford Street where she was approached by two officers.

She filmed part of the incident and it went viral on YouTube, accumulating over 160,000 views.

Flynn said: “When the police told me I had to zip up my jacket to cover up my T-shirt I thought ’Are you serious?’ 

“I’m very concerned about how right wing this government is. I feel so strongly that our government is doing a terrible job and I want to be able to express this.”

Flynn’s lawyers are claiming the officers were in breach of human rights legislation.

She is seeking an apology from the police and for them to assure her she will not be stopped if she wears the T-shirt again.

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