Wisconsin reopens for business as state's supreme court dismisses governor's 'stay at home' extension

The state had protests last month after people grew tired of lockdown measures (PA Images)
9:37am, Thu 14 May 2020
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Wisconsin will reopen after the state's supreme court dismissed the governor's extension on ‘stay at home’ measures.

Tony Evers had sought for lockdown to be extended to the end of May but justices said he lacked authority to continue the restrictions.

The move means businesses, including bars and restaurants, can reopen, large gatherings can resume and people will be able to travel freely.

The ruling will also limit the governor's powers surrounding the pandemic.

Evers, a Democrat, will now be forced to work with Republican legistlators on anything related to how the state handles the coronavirus outbreak.

Republican officials praised the ruling as they want to get the economy back up and running. But top medical experts, including Dr Anthony Fauci, have warned against reopening too quickly.

The ‘stay at home measures’ will remain in place until May 20 to give officials time to create a new plan on how to tackle the virus.

And while the state has ruled an easing of measures, local government will still be able to enforce its own health restrictions.

The state has had 10,902 confirmed cases and 421 deaths so far.

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