Glorious autumn sunshine gives way to heavy rain showers

Autumn weather
Autumn weather - (Copyright PA Wire)
16:03pm, Wed 07 Oct 2020
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A band of wind and rain has started to move across the UK, putting a temporary end to the glorious sunshine which has lit up autumn landscapes across the country.

The sumptuous October weather on Wednesday coincided with the most impressive time of the year for viewing deer.

Males and females are coming together for the rut, leading to dramatic displays from males eager to show their dominance in a herd.

Autumn weather Oct 7th 2020 - (Copyright PA Wire)

Charles Smith-Jones, technical adviser to the British Deer Society, said: “The males look their best at this time of the year because they need to if they want to win the right to breed and pass on their genes.

“Their testosterone builds up and they get incredibly competitive with each other. The roaring of the red stags and the grunting of the fallow bucks are all part of their displays.”

Mr Smith-Jones said that most confrontations usually end with one backing down, but well-matched stags and bucks can end up fighting using their impressive antlers.

All six of the deer species that can be found wild in Britain are thriving, and there are probably more now than there have been for the past 1,000 years.

Autumn weather Oct 7th 2020 - (Copyright PA Wire)

Forecasters said the rain which hit the far south-west of England on Wednesday afternoon will move north, spreading across Wales and central England from the evening and leading to showers across many areas on Thursday morning.

The Met Office has issued yellow warning for rain in Wales, parts of the Midlands and the Manchester area from 9pm on Wednesday until 9am on Thursday.

Autumn weather Oct 7th 2020 - (Copyright PA Wire)

Forecaster Craig Snell explained that exceptional rainfall totals were not expected but, as this band of heavy rain followed shortly after the deluges at the weekend, there was a chance of localised flooding in places.

He said: “The rain amounts will not be huge but, coming after quite a wet weekend there could be some surface water and there also might be localised flooding as well.”

Mr Snell said Wednesday does appear to have been the best day of the week, although he said the worst of the rain showers should be over by Thursday afternoon, bringing sunny spells in places.

And he said the unsettled weather should settle down at the weekend with more sun expected on Sunday – albeit with temperatures dropping from the seasonal averages being enjoyed across much of the country mid-week.

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