Artist labelled ‘genius’ for Covid app-inspired Halloween outfit

Sarah Sumeray
Sarah Sumeray
18:00pm, Sat 31 Oct 2020
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A voiceover artist and writer has been described as a “genius” after she created a Halloween costume based on the NHS Covid-19 app.

Sarah Sumeray, 35, from London, who goes by the name Summer Ray on Twitter, said she has always been “fascinated” by the concept of “sexy Halloween costumes”.

She told the PA news agency: “For the past few years I’ve shared photoshops on Twitter of ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes – such as sexy Brexit and sexy apocalypse.

“This year I saw that a ‘sexy hand gel’ costume actually exists, so I thought how can I take this up a notch? And this was the result.

“2020 is the most insane year we’ve all lived through and the Test and Trace app has been a nightmare… so this seemed fitting.”

She created the costume by taking a screenshot of the app and designing the dress on RedBubble, before making a headdress out of cardboard.

She uploaded photos on Twitter and her post went viral – with more than 3,800 likes and 431 retweets – and users were quick to compliment her efforts, with some labelling her a “genius”.

One said: “You look like £12 billion…”

Another added: “Nothing scarier this year.”

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