England and Chelsea's Katie Chapman says she didn't feel support from FA after having children

Chapman (right) had three sons (PA Images)
Chapman (right) had three sons (PA Images)
13:42pm, Thu 17 Oct 2019
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Former England and Chelsea star Katie Chapman says she didn't "feel supported by the FA" after she had children.

The midfielder, who played in last season's FA Cup final, said: “I didn’t feel supported by the FA at that point, I felt pressure."

Chapman took her four-year-old son Harvey with her to the 2007 World Cup in China. However, she says her son was not allowed to eat with her and the team.

"We had our own chef out there cooking for us, the Japan team were there and a player had their child eat with them, but mine wasn’t allowed in," she told The Telegraph.

"I was sneaking food out to give to my child. It was like hitting a brick wall. When you’re standing on your own, sometimes it’s not as powerful as everyone standing with you.”

Chapman originally spoke out about the treatment she faced from the FA in 2013 saying at the time that she "felt punished for having children."

The FA have have pointed out that current contracts contain a maternity policy.

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