Things you only know if your winter revolves around hot chocolate

Homemade spicy hot chocolate (iStock/PA)
Homemade spicy hot chocolate (iStock/PA)
7:30am, Wed 18 Nov 2020
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Tis the season for many, many, many hot drinks. But if tea bores you, coffee gives you the caffeine jitters and herbal teas aren’t your bag, you might just be a hot chocolate kinda person.

So if luxurious, molten, cream-laced chocolate brings you sheer wintry happiness, you might well agree with the following…

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Hot chocolate is Christmas IN A MUG. And recalls every festive children’s story that was ever read to you. The nostalgia factor is wonderful. Though it’s even better if you spike it with some booze now you’re an adult.

You take serious offense when someone disparages your hot chocolate choice, as if it’s a drink only for children. Children haven’t developed the palate to even appreciate the deliciousness properly!

You’d take a mug of velvety hot chocolate over a glass of wine any day. Truly.

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Coffee connoisseurs are highly revered, respected and pandered to so why aren’t hot chocolate aficionados treated with the same kind of deference? Both are very serious interests.

When cries of, ‘It’s pumpkin spice latte season!’ begin, you sigh, huff and tell everyone that the sickly orange hot drink is nothing when compared to a decent hot chocolate.

Where many people have a ‘tea’ cupboard, packed with English breakfast bags and an array of herbal infusions, you have a whole shelf dedicated to hot chocolate toppings. There are bags of marshmallows (in multiple sizes), boxes of Flakes, as though you’re in the ice cream van business, shakers of ground nutmeg, cinnamon and cocoa, and numerous tins of fancy shaved chocolate.

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You have an array of tall glasses and long spoons, so you can sit at home while sipping a hot chocolate, imagining you’re actually in a Parisian cafe.

A disappointing hot chocolate – even when you’re expecting something sub-standard – still hurts your heart. You know that coffee shop uses water rather than milk, and never serves it hot enough, but you always have a sliver of hope that this time they might make it properly – and then they don’t. Again. Ugh.

A decent hot chocolate ticks every dessert box possible. In your house come wintertime, you don’t actually need fruit crumbles or pies, puds and strudels to feel comforted.

Whipped cream, as far as you’re concerned, is an essential item. At all times.

The second you’re allowed to hop on a flight again, you’ll be off to Switzerland for a mini-break, because the Swiss know their cocoa, and no one makes a better molten hot chocolate.

You have been known to grate your own favourite mix of milk and dark chocolate brands to make a bespoke hot chocolate mix, that yes, you are considering patenting.

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