No 10 adviser Andrew Sabisky, who made 'racist and sexist' slurs, quits post

Andrew Sabisky, the No 10 adviser who decided to quit after condemnation from all sides over his controversial statements
9:24am, Tue 18 Feb 2020
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The controversial Downing Street adviser who made a series of racist and sexist remarks has quit.

Andrew Sabisky had reportedly stated that black people are less intelligent than white people, compulsory contraception could prevent creating a 'permanent underclass' and that 'women's sport is more comparable to the Paralympics than it is to men's'.

Sabisky, 27, is believed to have been appointed earlier this year by Prime Minister Boris Johnson's right-hand-man Dominic Cummings who had called for 'misfits and weirdos' to apply for jobs at No 10.

But following calls for Sabisky to be sacked by politicians on all sides, he left his post last night, tweeting: "I wanted to help the government, not  be a distraction.... accordingly I've decided to resign.

"I know this will disappoint a lot of people but I signed up to do real work, not be in the middle of a giant character assassination."

A Government minister today called Sabisky's comments 'reprehensible and racist'.

Business Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, commenting on how Sabisky could have been hired, added: "I've no idea what the process is. That's not my remit. I think it's unfortunate he was hired."

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