Former UCF star Justin Buchholz takes a hit after claiming men are better fighters than women

Leslie Smith (left) hit back after Buchholz comments (PA Images)
Leslie Smith (left) hit back after Buchholz comments (PA Images)
15:31pm, Mon 21 Oct 2019
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A war of words has broken out after a former UFC fighter claimed that men are better at fighting than women.

Justin Buchholz tweeted: "Can we all agree that men are better at FIGHTING than women." 

Bellator flyweight Bec Rawlings simply responded with "no", while her colleague Leslie Smith had more to say: "I'm writing a paper tonight for a class and I wonder if you would be willing to give me a couple of quotes I can use about how prevalent cultural beliefs like this are."

To which the former Team Alpha Male coach replied: "Am I wrong?"

Justin Buchholz hit out at female fighters (Justin Buchholz Instagram)

Smith then landed the knock-out blow after Buchholz challenged her to a fight.

The fighter listed the reasons why she wouldn't fight him, saying: "No thanks, 1) I fight for money 2) I'd rather not touch you 3) challenging women is the only thing that makes you look dumber than challenging women's fighting ability 5) (sic) you weigh more than me 6) I still have a fight career to focus on I'm done, have a good night."

The American female fighter then tweeted after the discussion with Buchholz that she saw so many "heartwarming" responses and that "opinions have changed so much" toward female fighters.

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