FIFA chief believes now is the time for Iran to change its view on female spectators at men's football matches

Gianni Infantino was appointed FIFA President in 2016 (PA Images)
Gianni Infantino was appointed FIFA President in 2016 (PA Images)
17:43pm, Thu 19 Sep 2019
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FIFA President Gianni Infantino believes 'now is the moment to change things' when it comes to Iran's stance on women entering football stadiums.

Football's global governing body made it clear to Iran that there was an August 31 deadline for the country to guarantee that women would be admitted.

But that date has now passed and there is still no change to the rule put in place after the Islamic Revolution in 1979 that said women were banned from stadiums when men's teams were playing.

Infantino said: "Our position is firm and clear. Women have to be allowed into football stadiums in Iran.

"Now is the moment to change things and FIFA is expecting positive developments starting in the next Iran home match in October."

The call for change comes after a female football fan died after setting herself on fire while awaiting trial after being stopped trying to get into a men's game.

There have been mixed signals from Iran as a group of women were allowed into the second leg of the Asian Champions League final in November 2018.

But they were then banned from attending the country's friendly with Syria in June.

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