Man Utd manager Casey Stoney does not agree female footballers should receive equal pay to men

Stoney landed herself in hot water after a conversation she was having accidentally aired on FA Player (PA Images)
15:44pm, Fri 15 Nov 2019
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Manchester United manager Casey Stoney said she does not want there to be an equal pay structure in English football.

This comes after it was announced last week that Australia are following in the footsteps of countries like Norway and New Zealand in imposing equal pay for men and women.

When asked if England should follow suit, Stoney told The Telegraph: “No, I don’t. I’m quite set on this.

“They should be getting paid more, because they bring in more money [than the men]. It should be based on the revenue.” 

Stoney also believes that her fiery persona on the touchline is perceived in a different way because she is a woman.

“That’s the thing that frustrates me," she added. "A male does the same thing and he’s passionate. I do it and I’m angry. Are we not allowed emotions?"

Casey Stoney has apologised over comments about a US player (PA Images)

The former England international has caused controversy this week after she had to apologise when she was caught calling a US footballer 'schizophrenic'. 

The conversation in which the remarks were said was accidentally aired on the FA Player when she was commentating on England's friendly with the Czech Republic.

The 37-year-old also doesn't think we will see a woman take charge of a men's side any time soon.

Stoney said: “I just don’t see it in my lifetime. If it does, would it be a PR stunt? I’d love to see it, there are some fantastic female coaches out there.

"But every manager has a bad spell at some point, I don’t think you’d be afforded that luxury if you were a woman.”

Man United are playing Chelsea in the Women's Super League on Sunday as a part of Women's Football Weekend this Sunday.

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