Lionesses Beth England and Jordan Nobbs hope Australia's equal pay stance sets a trend

England is expected to be among those playing in front of a record attendance at Wembley (PA Images)
10:47am, Thu 07 Nov 2019
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England players Jordan Nobbs and Beth England want Australia's move for equal pay to set a trend throughout the football world.

Australia are the third country to take the initiative with Norway and New Zealand already having made the move. The Finnish FA announced earlier in the year that they have plans to follow suit.

Equal pay in football is the hot potato of the moment following the legal action taken by World Cup Winners the US in pursuit of being paid on a par with the men.

Chelsea's England said it would be a "long process" and an "ongoing battle" for England's women to recieve the same treatment.

She said: "I think any women's footballer wants to be respected and equal to their male counterparts.

"Australia have taken their first step and hopefully many more teams will join in with that. If that was to happen with England as well it would be amazing because we still train, we still do all the hard work the same as the men do.

"It's one of them where we have been better than [the men] so why are we not on the same [pay] as them, in a way?

"But, again, look at the revenue that the men bring in and you can't really compare it because their standard is relatively higher than the women - so it's going to be an ongoing battle and a long process.

"I don't think it's going to be a quick fix and I'd like to think that us as women are still pioneering to push it forward and get that equal pay."

The Lionesses are due to play at the home of English football this weekend when it is expected Wembley will set an attendance record of 90,000 for a women's game in the UK. The previous record was at the 2012 Olympics final with 80,203 fans.

Arsenal star Jordan Nobbs added: "When you see other nations doing it of course we want to carry on that progression with our nation."

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