WWE star Dave Bautista to date wrestling's Dana Brooke after social media flirtation

Brooke has agreed to go on a date with actor Bautista (PA Images)
16:29pm, Mon 02 Dec 2019
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WWE and Hollywood star Dave Bautista has bagged himself a date with fellow wrestler Dana Brooke after flirting publicly on Twitter.

Bautista, who became famous in the ring as 'Batista', announced he was recently single last week on the social media platform and took no time at all to contact WWE's Brooke.

The 50-year-old, who also stars in Guardians of the Galaxy, took a photo of himself next to his Rolls Royce with the simple caption "@DanaBrookeWWE ..... Sup?"

Brooke, who's real name is Ashley Mae Sebera, responded with a gif of herself and a caption that read "Oh.. Not much, You?"

A series of flirty tweets ensued with the final in the exchange being from Brooke. The 31-year-old posted: "Sounds like a date.. Also, I’m sure you can teach me a couple things I can use in the ring- also the squat racks too - I’ll send ya my number via DM text me we can plan something."

Since the proposed date the pair have shared screenshots of a FaceTime call between them and Brooke has tweeted about the actor several times. 

Though an actual date has not been confirmed, fans are speculating whether it will happen when WrestleMania goes to Tampa, where the actor lives.

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