Taylor Swift's 'The Man' video has fans speculating about Serena Williams reference

Williams argued with the umpire in the 2018 US Open final (PA Images)
Williams argued with the umpire in the 2018 US Open final (PA Images)
12:56pm, Fri 28 Feb 2020
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Taylow Swift's new music video has had fans speculating on whether she makes reference to Serena Williams' infamous 2018 US Open final.

Williams broke her racket out of frustration when she lost to Naomi Osaka. She also had an argument with the umpire over decisions he made throughout the match.

Swift's video for her new single 'The Man' features a man, played by Swift, smashing a racket on court and throwing tennis balls at the umpire.

The scene has led many fans to make the link.

Swift mimicking Williams in her 'The Man' video? (Twitter: Taylor Swift)

One tweeted: "The Tennis player tantrum in Taylor Swift’s The Man MV is probably a reference to John McEnroe’s outburst at Wimbledon in 1981 which he won. In contrast, Serena Williams, a woman, disputed an umpire’s call at the US Open in 2018 and was dragged through the headlines. Genius"

Another posted: "Ok what the hell The Man music video absolutely killed it. I loved showing the Serena Williams injustice. The manspreading. CALL OUT THE SEXISM TAYLOR SWIFT."

While another tweeted: "Also, Taylor Swift supporting Serena Williams during the 2018 US Open Final with the Tennis Scene. We Love to see it! #TheMan #TheManMusicVideo"

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