Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen and other Canadian stars urge people to stay at home

Reynolds released a video to urge Canadians to stay at home (PA Images)
13:04pm, Tue 24 Mar 2020
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A movement about urging people to stay inside has gone viral after actors Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen got involved.

Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau started the craze as he told his Canadian citizens to stay at home and wash their hands in a Plank The Curve coronavirus initiative.  

He then nominated stars Reynolds and singer Michael Buble to get involved.

Reynolds said in a video that has been viewed over a million times: "Thank you prime minister Trudeau, we need to work together to flatten the curve to fight off Covid-19.

"I think in times of crisis, I think we all know it's the celebrities that we count on most, they're the ones who are going to get us through this.

"Right after health care workers of course, first responders, people who work in essential services, ping pong players, mannequins, childhood imaginary friends, 400 other types of people.  

"Look stay at home, practise social distancing, wash your hands, we are going to get through this thing together."

Rogen then responded saying: "Hello this is Seth Rogen, I'm in my bunker where I have emptied out all my hoarded toilet paper and purell to record this message.

"Ryan Reynolds nominated me to help spread the word to Canadians to help plank the curve, stay inside, wash your hands, just don't leave the house. There's worse things you could be asked to do."

Rogen then nominated YouTube sensation Lilly Singh, singer Shawn Mendes and actor Jay Baruchel. Those stars are yet to make their videos.