Women's squash champion to earn more money than her male counterpart

Raneem El Welily, right, has praised the ground-breaking announcement (PA Images)
12:45pm, Fri 25 Oct 2019
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The women's squash world champion will earn more than her male counterpart this year.

Top players from around the world are competing in Egypt this week in the Squash World Championships for a $48,640 prize jackpot while the men's $45,600 prize will be played for in Doha next month.

In squash, the men's and women's world championships are sponsored by different companies which contribute the respective prize monies at their own discretion.

World No 1, Egypt's Raneem El Welily reacted to the announcement by saying: "I'm proud to be part of such a sport that is driving this change.

"It is very rare to see in any sport. We are breaking stereotypes and breaking boundaries."

World No 3 Nour El Tayeb, also Egyptian and married to the men's world number one Ali Farag, said: "It's a fantastic opportunity for the women and for once we will get the bragging rights.

"I think this is recognition that we also bring value to the game. It might not always be the case because of different sponsors in the future. But for now, it's great to see."

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