Referees abandoning rugby due to emergence of transgender players

Kelly Morgan is a transgender rugby player (BBC Wales)
Kelly Morgan is a transgender rugby player (BBC Wales)
16:18pm, Tue 01 Oct 2019
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Rugby referees are quitting their jobs because transgender women are entering the sport.

Referees claim transgender individuals are forcing not only refs out of the sport but players too.

One referee, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Being forced to prioritise hurt feelings over broken bones exposes me to personal litigation from female players who have been damaged by players who are biologically male.

"This is driving female players and referees out of the game," reports theTimes.

Another referee said he recalled five occasions where players with beards had played against women. He said: “If you even ask the question [on whether transgender women should be playing], you are told you are a bigot."

It emerged earlier this month that Kelly Thomas, who is a transgender woman, is going to play in the Welsh rugby league.

Jessica Minty-Madley, who plays in the same division as Thomas said Thomas had “folded a girl like a deckchair during a game".

Olympian Daley Thompson has recently spoken out on the issue, saying: "It's depressing because it has the potential to put an end to women's sport."

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