First transgender wrestler competes in Women's World Championship and is beaten

Rose (in green) is the first transgender woman to be signed for a wrestling promotion (Nyla Rose Facebook)
15:22pm, Fri 04 Oct 2019
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The first transgender wrestler to sign for a promotion has competed in a Women's World Championship - and lost.

American Nyla Rose, 5ft 7in and weighing in at 185 pounds, was taking on Japanese wrestler Riho, a petite 5ft 2in and weighing just 98 pounds. 

It was a real David v Goliath contest and despite her petite stature, Riho was victorious. 

She caught Rose off-guard by kneeing her in the face and pinning her to the floor to become the first All Elite Women’s (AEW) World Champion.

AEW's aim is to be fully inclusive in the sport which is why Rose signed for them in February.

She said: “He [AEW head Code Covey] was like, ‘That’s cool, I don’t care. Can you wrestle?’ 

“For him to have that vote of confidence and just not care, it was incredibly emotionally overwhelming,” Rose told Sports Illustrated

Reflecting on her historical debut, she said: “It was not as theatrical as I hoped it would be. I thought they were going to let me get a crazy costume and get some entrance music and be all flashy.” 

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