Africa's golden snooker couple on their ambition to develop snooker in Morocco

Yousra Matine, left, and Amine Amiri, right, have both been successful in the sport (Twitter: WPBSA)
12:21pm, Thu 12 Dec 2019
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Snooker's golden couple Yousra Matine and Amine Amiri have both been victorious in the sport and say their real 'ambition' is to grow snooker in Morocco.

Matine is Africa's women's champion - just three years after her fiancee taught her how to play. She also plays alongside snooker legend Reanne Evans on the Women's World Tour.

While Amiri, 25, is the only African on the World Snooker Tour after being given a two-year card following his amazing win at the African Games this year.

Matine, 23, said: "My real ambition is to see snooker develop in our country. There are a lot of good players. When I see them I am jealous because in Morocco we don't have 20 per cent of this level.

"There are difficulties for most women because of culture, traditions. There are parents who don't accept their daughters going to the clubs to play snooker.

"But the culture is changing now, everyone is trying to be more open-minded and organise more tournaments."

Amiri, who is world 127,  added: "In Morocco, we have a lot of work to do for the future of snooker. We don't have coaches or sponsors. But one day we hope to have clubs like the UK and a proper tournament."