Australia's women's football team agree landmark deal to ensure equal pay with men

Australia woman can look forward to enjoying equal pay and entitlements to the men after the ruling (Twitter: Sam Kerr)
8:06am, Wed 06 Nov 2019
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Australia's women's football team have landed an historic deal which will put them on an equal pay scale to men.

According to the Football Federation Australia (FFA), the men's and women's teams will now both be earning under the same structure for pay and entitlements, although the men are still likely to earn more due to the higher prize money on offer for their games.

Nevertheless, it is a massive step for the Matildas as they look to build on a successful summer for women's football.

FFA chief executive David Gallop said: "This is a massive step taken to close the gender pay gap between the Socceroos and the Matildas."

The topic of equal pay was a major talking point prior at the World Cup after the world champions USA filed a lawsuit against their own federation for gender discrimination.

The Aussies' women's team is currently eighth in the world rankings, with the men's Socceroos down in 44th.

As well as equal pay scales, the deal will also provide the women's team with the same commercial revenue for things such as advertising.

They will also receive the same training conditions and other benefits - such as business class flights - which are currently enjoyed by the men.

Australia become the third country after New Zealand and Norway to treat the men's and women's teams equally.