All 36 Rio 2016 boxing officials banned from Tokyo 2020 after 'questionable decisions' lead to new rulings

Nicola Adams retired earlier this year (PA Images)
Nicola Adams retired earlier this year (PA Images)
8:04am, Thu 21 Nov 2019
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All 36 boxing officials from the Rio 2016 Olympics have been banned from taking part in Tokyo 2020. 

Despite an investigation by the International Boxing Association in 2017 finding no interference in results and recommending that Rio judges be reintegrated on a "case-by-case basis", the IOC's new criteria has ruled them ineligible for next year's games.

A number of referees and judges were also sent home during the games over controversial decision making during the games.

After consultation with athletes, it has been decided that in Tokyo officials will be chosen from a pool of AIBA-certified individuals who have faced thorough reviews prior to selection.

They will then be randomly selected for each competition under independent supervision. Scores from all judges at the end of each round will also now be displayed publicly during qualifying competitions and the Games.

Boxing task force chair Morinari Watanabe said: “The main objective of the IOC boxing task force is to ensure the completion of the mission of delivering events, while putting the boxers first, and with transparent and credible sporting results and fair play.”

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