We bring you closer to the people and debates behind the headlines and set the stage alight with in-depth coverage of women’s sport like you’ve never seen before.


NewsChain was established because women’s sport deserves the spotlight, not the sidelines.

Our founders have extensive experience in launching and running successful news websites. Through their work in the world of media and sport they came to realise that represenation of women in sport wasn’t happening quickly enough. So they decided to take matters into their own hands.

We have set out to create the home of women’s sport. A high-quality news site, staffed by a gender-balanced team of talented journalists including the former Digital Editor of the Evening Standard, which gives women’s sport the time, space and energy is deserves.

The future of sport is equal. NewsChain is here to make that happen.

As we embark on 12 months of sporting excitement - from the FA Women’s Super League through to Tokyo 2020 - NewsChain will put fans at the heart of the action via interviews, exclusives, video articles, live blogs, data-driven analysis and podcasts. We will also look at the people and debates behind the headlines, all the way from grass-roots to the top.

Our founders know that women’s sports have a legion of dedicated fans and supporters. NewsChain is for them and for those who are yet to discover the exhilaration, heartbreak and sheer humanity that occurs across women’s sport every single day.

We look forward to setting the bar for what quality sports reporting looks like, and seeing others follow our lead.