92-year-old woman makes heartbreaking video plea to beg stockpilers not to clear shelves at supermarkets

Since her video, Lillian has been inundated with cards and flowers (Jasmine Court)
16:44pm, Mon 23 Mar 2020
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A 92-year-old pensioner at a care home in Lancashire has recorded a heartfelt video begging supermarket shoppers to stop clearing the shelves and be considerate towards others.

Lillian Chew stares straight down the camera lens and begs people 'to think about us in care homes and these poor, poor people that are on their own and can't get anybody to help them'.

An emotional Lillian in the video, which has now gone viral

She finished by saying: "Please, think twice before you go to clear the shelves. 

"Please take care everybody, and God bless you all."

The video has been shared across social media, gathering its own hashtag #ListentoLillian and Ms Chew has since been inundated with messages of support as well as flowers and cards.

Emma Bingham, the general manager at the care home, said: "The reaction to Lillian's video has been amazing.

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"She is thrilled by the response she has received, including cards and well-wishes.

"As care homes need to protect the health of their residents by limiting visitors, messages to and from the community are invaluable to our residents.

"Another encouraging outcome has been a number of impressive applications to come and work with us.

"At a time like this, care workers are indispensable and we are welcoming applications from anyone who brings a positive attitude and a passion for care."